Huan Cui

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MC4R belongs to a seven-transmembrane G-protein-coupled receptor which may regulate body composition and insulin action. Many mutations in the MC4R gene are associated with obesity, energy expenditure and serum triglyceride levels in human and animals. Six mutations in the MC4R gene were identified in our study (-293C>G, -193A>T, -192T>G, -129A>G, -84T>C(More)
The cardio-ankle vascular index (CAVI) has been widely accepted as a good indicator of arteriosclerosis. However, the lack of a reliable diagnostic criterion for CAVI hampers the proper clinical screening for arteriosclerosis using CAVI and impedes the prompt treatment of cardiovascular disease (CVD). There is an urgent need to determine a criterion for(More)
As the typical CDMA application, the spread spectrum PRN codes in GPS are C/A code applied to standard positioning service and P code applied to precise positioning service presently. P code has a higher tolerance to jamming and spoofing compared with the C/A code, C/A code has short length and low data rate, and is vulnerable to interference and spoofing,(More)
A portable and antibody-free sandwich assay was fabricated for determination of chloramphenicol (CAP) in animal-derived food by a personal glucose meter (PGM). The sandwich-type strategy was developed on the basis of magnetic molecularly imprinted probe (m-MIP) nanoparticles and a β-cyclodextrin/invertase-functionalized signal tag. Firstly, the m-MIPs were(More)
Although previous reports have linked DNA damage with both transmissions across generations as well as our own survival, it is unknown how to reverse the lesion. Based on the data from a Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo Controlled Clinical Trial, this study aimed to assess the efficacy of folic acid supplementation (FAS) on DNA oxidative damage reversal.In(More)
Neoarchean metasedimentary rocks from the Batatal Formation, Brazil were studied using petrographic, elemental and stable isotopic techniques to provide a better understanding of coupling between the atmosphere-ocean system and biogeo-chemical cycles prior to the Great Oxidation Event. Multiple sulfur isotope data from both shale and carbonate lithofacies(More)
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