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The AP-1-binding sequences are promoter/enhancer elements that play an essential role in the induction of many genes in mammalian cells; however, the number of genes containing AP-1 sites remains unknown. In order to better address the overall effect of AP-1 on expression of genes encoded by the entire genome, a genome-wide analysis of the frequency and(More)
Geographic information systems (GIS) have become increasingly valuable tools in hydrology & hydrodynamic modeling and have been used in the evaluation of integrative development and utilization of water resource in many ways. These may relate to the coupling of hydrology & hydrodynamic models and GIS system, collaborative work of heterogenous(More)
It is well known that c-Src has important roles in tumorigenesis. However, it remains unclear whether c-Src contributes to metabolic reprogramming. Here we find that c-Src can interact with and phosphorylate hexokinases HK1 and HK2, the rate-limiting enzymes in glycolysis. Tyrosine phosphorylation dramatically increases their catalytic activity and thus(More)
Injection molding process monitoring is quite essential for the stabilization of product quality. One of the most important things is to identify the character of injection batch process. In this study, sparse auto encoder technique is applied to extract features from the raw trajectories of system pressure and screw position. Subsequently, the process(More)
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