Huamao Peng

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This research uses adapted self-assessment questionnaires to examine the relationships between the learning motivation, learning strategies, self-efficacy, attribution and learning results of 135 distance learners. The aim is to model the relationship between psychological characteristics and learning results of distance learners. The outcomes of this study(More)
Option framing effect is the phenomena that participants often accept more options when they are asked to delete undesired options from a full model (subtractive framing) than they do when they are instructed to add desired options to a base model (additive framing). Whether the same effect exists in different age groups is less well known. To explore the(More)
The speech of older adults is commonly described as verbose and off-topic, which is thought to influence their social communication. This study investigated the role of inhibition in age-related off-topic verbosity (OTV). Inhibition consists of three functions: access, deletion, and restraint. The access function is responsible for preventing irrelevant(More)
Data derived from 72 students in online English course showed that online self-efficacy was a moderating factor in relation between learning strategy and online performance. In high online self-efficacy group, online performance was predicted by learning strategy positively, which explained 23% of the performance variance. In low online self-efficacy group,(More)
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