Hualin Zhong

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The nuclear pore complex (NPC) is a protein assembly that contains several distinct subcomplexes. The mammalian nucleoporin (Nup)-107 is part of a hetero-oligomeric complex, that also contains Nup160, Nup133, Nup96, and the mammalian homolog of yeast Sec13p. We used transfection of HeLa cells with small interfering RNAs to specifically deplete mRNA for(More)
PU.1 is a transcription factor of the Ets family with important functions in hematopoietic cell differentiation. Using green fluorescent protein-PU.1 fusions, we show that the Ets DNA binding domain of PU.1 is necessary and sufficient for its nuclear localization. Fluorescence and ultrastructural nuclear import assays showed that PU.1 nuclear import(More)
The conformational changes of yeast alcohol dehydrogenase during unfolding at alkaline pH have been followed by fluorescence emission and circular dichroism spectra. A result of comparison of inactivation and conformational changes shows that much lower values of alkaline pH are required to bring about inactivation than significant conformational change of(More)
Microspherule protein Msp58 (or MCRS1) plays a role in numerous cellular processes including transcriptional regulation and cell proliferation. It is not well understood either how Msp58 mediates its myriad functions or how it is itself regulated. Here, by immunoprecipitation, we identify EDD (E3 identified by differential display) as a novel(More)
The effect of peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase (PPIase) on the refolding and reactivation courses of urea-denatured creatine kinase was followed by fluorescence emission, ultraviolet difference spectra and recovery of activity. PPIase is shown to accelerate the slow-phasic reaction of the refolding of urea-denatured creatine kinase. The results suggest(More)
The conformational changes of creatine kinase during alkaline unfolding and salt-induced folding at high pH have been followed by fluorescence emission and circular dichroism spectra. The results obtained show that at low ionic strength, with increasing pH value, creatine kinase denatured gradually to reach the ultimate unfolded conformation in the vicinity(More)
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