Hualiang Chen

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To summarize the changing epidemiological characteristics of malaria in Zhejiang Province, China, we collected data on malaria from the Chinese Notifiable Disease Reporting System (NDRS) and analyzed them. A total of 2,738 malaria cases were identified in Zhejiang Province from 2005 to 2014, of which 2,018 were male and 720 were female. Notably, only 7% of(More)
We address a neural network approach for modeling the behavior of TCP congestion control. After trained with typical data samples, a three-layer (3-10-1) neural network model with fixed weights has been tested over a wide range of network conditions. In contrast to the equation models, our model can better associate the TCP factors, i.e., round trip time(More)
Cooperative hybrid automatic retransmission request (HARQ) scheme, which combines cooperative communication (CC) technique and HARQ scheme, is one of the key techniques in the future wireless communications. It can reduce the retransmissions of traditional ARQ schemes, resulting in a better throughput performance. In this paper, we analyze the throughput(More)
In this paper, we investigate the outage behavior and throughput efficiency of a three-node cooperative ARQ system, which is equipped with a decode-and-forward relay node. We introduce four different cooperative ARQ protocols, followed by the analysis of their outage behavior and throughput efficiency under two different kinds of channel dynamics. We(More)