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Distributed generation (DG) is a hot spot nowadays, at the same time the harmonic pollution can't be ignored when DG is connected with the power grid through power converters. First discuss several harmonic suppression methods have been adopted in practice, such as increasing the number of converter pulse, using pulse width modulation (PWM) converter,(More)
The accumulation of reactive oxygen species is detrimental to the health of the ovarian follicle. The protective, antioxidant properties of melatonin, an endogenous component of porcine follicular fluid, on apoptosis of granulosa cells were evaluated in this study. Porcine granulosa cells from medium-sized (3-5 mm), healthy follicles were cultured in(More)
Used the 32 bits LPC2220 microprocessor of ARM7 as hardware platform, and combined muC/OS-II real-time embedded operating system, global positioning system with ZigBee of wireless local area network, the data acquisition and record system not only can collect, record, transmit (wire or wireless) , display the complex industrial signals and so on, but also(More)
This paper presents a hybrid algorithm for parameter estimation of synchronous generator. For large-residual problems (i.e., f(x) is large or f(x) is severely nonlinear), the performance of the Gauss-Newton method and Levenberg-Marquardt method is usually poor, and the slow convergence even causes iteration emergence divergence. The Quasi-Newton method can(More)
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