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Design of fused-silica rectangular transmission gratings for polarizing beam splitter based on modal method.
Examples of optimal designs for a fused-silica transmitted grating with high-intensity tolerance are discussed and it is shown that the effective indices of the first two modes depend on the value of the period under Littrow mounting with filling factor f=0.5.
High sensitivity refractive index gas sensing enhanced by surface plasmon resonance with nano-cavity antenna array
The surface plasmon resonance gas sensor is presented for refractive index detection using nano-cavity antenna array. The gas sensor monitors the changes of the refractive index by measuring the
Design of novel polarization beam splitters based on the subwavelength polarization gratings
Polarization gratings are non-depolarizing polarization elements that alter the polarization state of the transmitted light in a periodic way, yielding a polarization-dependent diffraction field.
Electromagnetic Bloch-like oscillations in planar quasiperiodic metal-dielectric waveguide arrays
We investigate the spatial Bloch-like oscillations in planar double-period silver waveguide arrays. Three types of oscillation modes are obtained in the sixth-generation double-period structure at
Gas sensors for refractive index detection using surface plasmon resonance on nanosystem
A plasmonic device for gas sensor is investigated for refractive index detection using surface plasmon resonance (SPR). The sensor device consists of nano-cavity antennas formed by metallic