Huajing Song

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For a hard parton moving through a dense QCD medium, we compute self-consistently the energy loss and the fraction deposited into the medium due to showering and rescattering of the shower, assuming weak coupling between probe and medium. The same transport coefficients thus determine both the energy loss and its deposition into the medium. This allows a(More)
Current-induced switching from a metallic to an insulating state is observed in phase-separated states of (La(1-y)Pr(y))0.7Ca0.3MnO3 (y=0.7) and Nd(0.5)Ca(0.5)Mn(1-z)Cr(z)O3 (z=0.03) crystals. The application of magnetic fields to this current-induced insulating state causes a pronounced low-field negative magnetoresistance effect [rho(H)/rho(0)=10(-3) at(More)
Molecular dynamics simulations are used to provide strong evidence for barrier-free nucleation events in a heterogeneous solid-solid system. The barrier-free events are characterized by an absence of an incubation time and a growth rate of the emerging phase that is independent of the system size. Furthermore, an analysis of the size and shape of the(More)
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