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OBJECTIVE Topical latanoprost 0.005% is commonly used in dogs with primary angle closure glaucoma (PACG), and marked miosis has been reported in the literature. To further explore the effect of topical latanoprost on anterior segment anatomy, we performed iridocorneal angle biometrics in normal beagle dogs. METHODS Thirty-five normal female beagle dogs(More)
INTRODUCTION Episcleral venous pressure (EVP) has an important role in intraocular pressure (IOP) homeostasis and accounts for more than 70% of the IOP in the normal dog. A frequently used species in glaucoma research is the normotensive dog especially when evaluating the efficacy of prostaglandin analogues and prostamides; however, aqueous humor dynamic(More)
OBJECTIVE Female dogs have approximately twice the risk of males for developing primary angle closure glaucoma (PACG). The cause of this gender difference is unknown, but one theory proposes that the gender differences in iridocorneal angle morphology are involved in this risk differential. PROCEDURES Fifty beagles (25 males, 25 females) were included(More)
It is impetuous to providing real-time data resource information for computer-supported collaborative learning environment (CSCL) and for virtual laboratory (VL). How to efficiently and effectively organize information resources for CSCL and VL is also the research emphasis. This paper describes the approach to build the framework for heterogeneous(More)
This paper first analyzes two major methods that create the model of VR, proposes that fabric is suitable for virtual display. Then a fabric display system in virtual reality environments based on web is designed. The system uses 3DS MAX to achieve fusion of fabric's image and display scene's image. And then a VRML file (*.wrl format) is exported from 3DS(More)
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