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An experimental study of tool wear and cutting force variation in the end milling of Inconel 718 with coated carbide inserts
Abstract Inconel 718 is a difficult-to-cut nickel-based superalloy commonly used in aerospace industry. This paper presents an experimental study of the tool wear propagation and cutting forceExpand
Analysis and modelling of particle velocities in micro-abrasive air jet
Abrasive jet micromachining (AJM) is a non-traditional technology that can effectively remove hard and brittle materials at high cut quality. A key requisite in modelling the AJM process is toExpand
Modelling of cutting forces in helical end milling using a predictive machining theory
A new approach for modelling and simulation of the cutting forces in helical end milling processes is presented. In this approach, the cutting forces in helical end milling are modelled based on aExpand
A new method for determining the undeformed chip thickness in milling
Abstract The determination of the instantaneous undeformed chip thickness is one of the key issues in the modelling of milling processes. The traditional chip thickness model, with an approximationExpand
An intelligent chatter detection method based on EEMD and feature selection with multi-channel vibration signals
This paper presents an intelligent chatter detection method in a multi-channel monitoring system comprising vibration signals in three orthogonal directions. Expand
Natural fiber–reinforced composites: A review on material, manufacturing, and machinability
Interest in natural fiber–reinforced composites (NFRCs) is increasing rapidly thanks to their numerous advantages such as low cost, biodegradability, eco-friendly nature, relatively good mechanicalExpand
Modeling of cutting forces in micro end-milling
Abstract Accurate modeling and prediction of cutting forces are important for process planning and optimization in micro end-milling process. In order to exactly predict the cutting forces, anExpand
On ultrahigh velocity micro-particle impact on steels—A single impact study
Abstract A computational model is presented to investigate the ultrahigh-velocity multiple particle impact process on steels. It uses a Monte Carlo framework to model the stochastic nature of theExpand
Modelling the cutting forces in micro-end-milling using a hybrid approach
This paper presents the development of a cutting force model for the micro-end-milling processes under various cutting conditions using a hybrid approach. Firstly, a finite element (FE) model ofExpand
A study of the flow characteristics in micro-abrasive jets
Abstract An experimental study of particle velocities in micro-abrasive jets by using the particle image velocimetry (PIV) technique is presented. It has been found that the particle jet flow has aExpand