Huaizhong Chen

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Aiming at the disadvantages of conventional analog DC speed adjusting in mine hoists, based on the analysis DC speed control system mathematical model, this article induces application of full digital DC speed adjusting device based on 6RA70 DC device. This article gives the drive system hardware configuration and software design. This system has performed(More)
To keep an intelligent vehicle on the lane in the vision-based navigation, an image processing technology is proposed to detect the lane of a structured road. A way of lane marking recognition arithmetic being acclimated to structuring road is put forward. It makes use of Soble morphology gradient algorithm to coordinate with Hough transform, and we used(More)
This article describes the composition and working principle of electro-hydraulic position servo control system, and establishes a systematic mathematical model. This article presents a controller which is based on Fuzzy neural networks for an electro-hydraulic speed governor. The design process of the RBF Fuzzy neural network control is introduced in(More)
[Correction Notice: An Erratum for this article was reported in Vol 102(10) of Journal of Applied Psychology (see record 2017-34254-001). In the article, Table 1 contained a formatting error. Correlation coefficient values in the last four cells of column 6 were misplaced with correlation coefficient values in the last four cells of column 7. All versions(More)
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