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Chemical Constituents of the Roots of Dolomiaea souliei
A new eudesmane-type sesquiterpene, methyl-6α-hydroxy-15-formylcostoate (1), and a new natural product, 11-hydroxy-13-(1-hydroxyethyl)-mokkolactone (2), were isolated from the roots of DolomiaeaExpand
The protective action of scutellarin against immunological liver injury induced by concanavalin A and its effect on pro‐inflammatory cytokines in mice
The results suggest that scutellarin has a protective action against Con A‐induced liver injury in mice, and its active mechanism may be related to the inhibition of the NF‐κB‐TNF‐α‐iNOS transduction pathway. Expand
Two New Aryltetralin Lignans from the Roots of Dolomiaea souliei
This is the first time that aryltetralin-type lignans were isolated from the genus Dolomiaea and both compounds showed no significant cytotoxic activities against the A549 and A2780 human cancer cell lines. Expand
ASSA13-13-2 OptiVol Fluid Index Predicts Acute Decompensation of Heart Failure with High Unexplained Events Rate
Investigation of the incidence of OptiVol alert episodes in real world clinical practise found patients with normal or nearly normal left ventricular systolic function also exhibited considerable alert events, and efforts to improve the specificity of this monitoring system represent a significant aspect in future study. Expand
Micro-dose Ketamine on Optimized Patient-controlled Intravenous Analgesia in Advanced Cancer Patients
Micro-dose ketamine could significantly reduce fentanyl consumption through protection of anti-opioid receptor, improve fentanyl tolerance, and enhance the quality of fentanyl PCIA analgesia in patients with advanced cancer. Expand
e0549 Single centre experience on intrathoracic impedance monitoring in chronic heart failure patients
The function of intrathoracic impedance monitoring is reliable in predicting deterioration of heart failure, so prompt medical intervention may reduce symptoms and hospitalisations due to decompensation. Expand