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Carbon-Based Nanomaterials as Sustainable Noble-Metal-Free Electrocatalysts
Nowadays, due to the worldwide growth demand of energy, over consumption of fossil fuel as well as their accompanying increased negative environmental impacts, the development of renewable energyExpand
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Catalytic effect of in situ formed nano-Mg2Ni and Mg2Cu on the hydrogen storage properties of Mg-Y hydride composites
Abstract Two hydrides nanocomposites, consisting of MgH2-Mg2NiH4-YH2 and MgH2-MgCu2-YH2 phases, were prepared by hydrogenation upon the melt-spun Mg80Y5Ni15 and Mg80Y5Cu15 amorphous alloys,Expand
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Synergistically tuned hydrogen storage thermodynamics and kinetics of Mg-Al alloys by Cu formed in situ mechanochemically
Abstract The high thermodynamic stability and unfavourable sorption kinetics during the formation of Mg hydride restrict its utilization, though Mg is environmentally friendly and abundantlyExpand
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Hydrogenation properties of five-component Mg60Ce10Ni20Cu5X5 (X= Co, Zn) metallic glasses
Abstract Hydrogenation properties of two five-component Mg60Ce10Ni20Cu5X5 (X = Co, Zn) metallic glasses have been studied. Using high-pressure differential scanning calorimetery (HP-DSC) underExpand
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In-situ Formed Al from the Hydrogenation of Al12Mg17 on Hydrogen Desorption Properties of MgH2
The influence of in-situ formed Al from hydrogenation of Al12Mg17 on hydrogen desorption properties of MgH2 was studied in this paper. Pure Al powders were also added to MgH2 by mechanical millingExpand
Hydrogen Storage Properties of Mg95Ni5-10 wt% PVP Composite Prepared by Stirring and Centrifugation Process
PVP was added to Mg-Ni hydrogen storage alloy (Mg95Ni5) by stirring and centrifugation process. The effect of PVP additive on hydrogen absorption/desorption property of Mg95Ni5 was investigated. TheExpand