Huaijin Zhang

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CYP1A1 plays an essential role in pathogenesis of head and neck cancers. Functional CYP1A1 Ile462Val and MspI single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) are considered to have significant effects on risk of head and neck cancers. Several case-control studies have examined how these genetic polymorphisms are involved in development of this group of malignancies,(More)
The bandgaps of monolayer and bulk molybdenum sulfide (MoS2 ) result in that they are far from suitable for application as a saturable absorption device. In this paper, the operation of a broadband MoS2 saturable absorber is demonstrated by the introduction of suitable defects. It is believed that the results provide some inspiration in the investigation of(More)
We realized an efficient diode-pumped Nd:LuVO4 continuous-wave (CW) laser operating at 916 nm. Laser experiments with 0.5 at. % Nd-doped Nd:LuVO4 crystals of various lengths and cutting directions were also investigated. The maximum output power of 930 mW was obtained with a slope efficiency of 27.2% and an optical conversion efficiency of 20.8% at the(More)
The full matrix material constants for melilite-type SrGdGa<sub>3</sub>O<sub>7</sub> crystals were determined using resonance method, with piezoelectric coefficient d<sub>14</sub> and coupling factor k<sub>14</sub> being on the order of 14.6 pC/N and 23.8%, respectively. The electrical resistivity at 600 &#x00B0;C was measured and found to be on the order(More)
Optical channel waveguides have been produced for the first time in Nd:LGS multi-functional laser crystals by using proton implantation. The obtained good guiding performance exhibits the well-confined modal fields in the waveguiding structures. The confocal fluorescence images of the obtained waveguides have revealed that the photoluminescence properties(More)
Received August 11, 2003 We report continuous-wave and actively Q-switched laser performance achieved with Nd:LuVO4 crystal for the 4F(3/2) --> 4I(1/2) transition (corresponding wavelength of 1065.8 nm) under high-power diode pumping. Continuous-wave output power of 12.55 W is obtained with an optical conversion efficiency of 50.2%. In actively Q-switched(More)
An efficient and compact diode-pumped continuous-wave Yb:GdVO4 laser is demonstrated, generating an output power of 4.0 W with an optical conversion efficiency of 61% and a slope efficiency as high as 78%. With increasing pump power the polarization of the laser output changes from sigma to pi, while in a certain intermediate power range the two(More)
Efficient cw and passively Q-switched operation with self-stimulated Raman scattering conversion was demonstrated in a compact diode-pumped Yb:KLu(WO4)2 laser. A cw output power of 3.28 W was obtained with an optical efficiency of 48.2% and a slope efficiency of 78.2% with respect to the incident pump power. Stable Q-switched operation was achieved with a(More)
An ultra-broadband graphene-gold film saturable absorber mirror (GG-SAM) with a spectral coverage exceeding 1300 nm is experimentally demonstrated for mode-locking of bulk solid-state lasers. Owing to the p-type doping effect caused by graphene-gold film interaction, the graphene on gold-film substrate shows a remarkably lower light absorption relative to(More)
We report on the room-temperature spectroscopic properties and continuous-wave laser operation of a new Yb:LuVO4 crystal. The peak absorption cross section for the pi-polarization is 8.42 x 10(-20) cm2 at 985 nm, and the stimulated emission cross section at 1020 nm is 1.03 x 10(-20) cm2. An output power of 0.36 W at 1041 nm was obtained with a slope(More)