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Time-reversal symmetry is important to optics. Optical processes can run in a forward or backward direction through time when such symmetry is preserved. In linear optics, a time-reversed process of laser emission can enable total absorption of coherent light fields inside an optical cavity of loss by time-reversing the original gain medium. Nonlinearity,(More)
By using ultrathin nonlinear media, the phase velocity of nonlinear polarization waves can be continuously adjusted. We realized nonlinear Cherenkov radiation (NCR) in an anomalous dispersion medium experimentally, which breaks the minimum speed limit of NCR. This modified nonlinear Cherenkov radiation has two new special states with respect to its prior,(More)
We demonstrated experimentally a method to generate the sum-frequency Nonlinear Cherenkov radiation (NCR) on the boundary of bulk medium by using two synchronized laser beam with wavelength of 1300 nm and 800 nm. It is also an evidence that the polarization wave is always confined to the boundary. Critical conditions of surface sum-frequency NCR under(More)
We discuss the nonlinear response due to the spatial modulation of the second-order susceptibility at the interface between two nonlinear media, and experimentally demonstrate that the nonlinear Cherenkov radiation is enhanced by the interface of two nonlinear crystals with a large disparity in χ<sup>(2)</sup>. In our experiment, the intensity of the(More)
We demonstrate a method to generate enhanced nonlinear Cherenkov radiation (NCR) in the bulk medium by utilizing the total reflection on the physical boundaries inside the crystal. This is the experimental demonstration of enhanced NCR by a sharp χ(2) modulation from 0 to 1, and a new way for generating enhanced NCR in addition to using the waveguide(More)
We demonstrate a new method to generate second-harmonic Talbot effect through degenerate Cherenkov radiation in one-dimension anomalous-dispersion-like nonlinear photonic crystals. In anomalous-dispersion-like medium, the degenerated nonlinear Cherenkov radiation can be achieved and is parallel to domain walls, of which the intensity is adjusted by the(More)
We investigate several bandwidths of non-collinear phase-matching second harmonic generation, which is generated by sum-frequency of the incident and reflected wave on the inner surface of a z-cut 5%/mol MgO : LiNbO₃ crystal. The bandwidths of angle, temperature and wavelength in this configuration are measured to be about 0.51°, 4.1°C and 6 nm,(More)
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