Huaijiang Sun

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Quaternion has become one of the most widely used representations for rotational transformations in 3D graphics for decades. Due to the sparse nature of human motion in both the spatial domain and the temporal domain, an unexplored yet challenging research problem is how to directly represent intrinsically sparse human motion data in quaternion space. In(More)
Analysis and reuse of human motion capture (mocap) data play an important role in animation, games and medical rehabilitation. In various mocap-based animation techniques, motion segmentation is regarded as one of the fundamental functions. Many proposed segmentation methods utilize little or no prior knowledge. However, human motion has its own(More)
In spite the fact that compatibility relation and similarity relation consider 'do not care' data as lost data, they were introduced to rough set to deal with incomplete information system. Incomplete information system in which 'do not care' data coexists with lost data, this article studies characteristic relation and discusses the unreasonable state(More)