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Task scheduling is one key issue in computational overlay grid. For finding solution to this problem, we propose a Chaotic Neural Network Algorithm for Task Scheduling, the goal of this algorithm is to minimize the total execution time of task by appropriately mapping the task to processor in the parallel system. We formulate the task scheduling problem(More)
Crossmodal displays aim to bridge the gap between ambient display technology and personal mobile human computer interaction through the exploitation of aspects of crossmodal cognition. We extend the notion of sequential temporal multiplexing, introduced for crossmodal ambient displays, and describe a hierarchical temporal multiplexing approach. We(More)
In the mobile Internet environment, due to the node's signal uncertainty, limited energy and mobility, the original passive Internet routing algorithm is no longer applicable. In order to solve this problem, this paper presents an Active Cross Layer QoS Routing Algorithm Based on ACO, which combines mobile agent and ant colony optimization technology. This(More)
The selection strategy of overlay link directly affects the performance of overlay network routing, and another important factor that can affect the performance of overlay network is that the overlay link has an exorbitant level of reuse with the physical link, but they are not much considered in previous studies. Taking full account of various factors that(More)
A hierarchical semantic perceptron grid architecture based neural network has been proposed in this paper, the semantic spotting is a key issue of this architecture, for finding solution to this problem, firstly we has formulated it, then a Semantic neural network classifier frame has been proposed. And experiment results of this scenario were presented, to(More)
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