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The excessive activation of the N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor (NMDAR)/nitric oxide (NO) pathway has been proposed to be involved in the neuropathology of various neurodegenerative disorders. In this study, NO was found to mediate glutamate-induced excitotoxicity in primary cultured neurons. Compared with the NO synthase (NOS) inhibitor,(More)
—Air is not the only medium that can spread and can be used to detect speech. In our previous paper, another valuable medium — millimeter wave (MMW) was introduced to develop a new kind of speech acquisition technique [6]. Because of the special features of the MMW radar, this speech acquisition method may provide some exciting possibilities for a wide(More)
Stimulus-responsive microporous solid thin films were successfully fabricated by simple molecular self-assembly via an amphiphilic block polymer, polystryene–b–polyacrylic acid (PS–b–PAA). The solid thin films exhibit different surface morphologies in response to external stimuli, such as environments with different pH values in aqueous solutions. The(More)
Typical layered transition-metal chalcogenide materials, in particular layered molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) nanocomposites, have attracted increasing attention in recent years due to their excellent chemical and physical properties in various research fieldsHere, a general overview of synthetic MoS2 based nanocomposites via different preparation approaches(More)
The effects of phosphate concentration on plant growth and photosynthetic performance were examined in leaves of Zizania latifolia. Plants were grown for four weeks in a solution containing 0, 0.16, 0.64, and 2.56 mM orthophosphate. The results showed that the highest net photosynthetic rate (P N) was achieved at 0.64 mM orthophosphate, which corresponded(More)
An electrochemical sensor based on a copolymer poly(4-vinylpyridine)-co-poly(acrylonitrile), P4VP-co-PAN, and Fe2O3 nanoparticle film modified glassy carbon electrode was developed for the determination of glucose. We studied the response of glucose with the proposed electrode, and determined the optimum conditions by changing the potential, pH and(More)
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