Huaiguo Fu

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Data mining is the process of knowledge discovery in databases (centralized or distributed); it consists of different tasks associated with them different algorithms. Nowadays the scenario of one centralized database that maintains all the data is difficult to achieve due to different reasons including physical, geographical restrictions and size of the(More)
Concept lattice is an effective tool and platform for data analysis and knowledge discovery such as classification or association rules mining. The lattice algorithm to build formal concepts and concept lattice plays an essential role in the application of concept lattice. We propose a new efficient scalable lattice-based algorithm: ScalingNextClosure to(More)
  • Huaiguo Fu
  • 2006
Formal concept analysis (FCA) is an effective tool for data analysis and knowledge discovery. Concept lattice, which is derived from mathematical order theory and lattice theory, is the core of FCA. Many research works of various areas show that concept lattices structures is an effective platform for data mining, machine learning, information retrieval,(More)