Huaigu Wu

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Replication has been widely used in J2EE servers for reliability and scalability. There are two properties which are important for a stateful J2EE application server. Firstly, the state of the server and the state of the backend databases should always be consistent. Secondly, each request from a client should be executed exactly once. In this paper, we(More)
In this paper we present a wireless solution for monitoring people in need of medical assistance. The application relies on the use of cell phones and inexpensive sensors and is best suited for the elderly and home-bound people. The main functions of the proposed architecture are: (1) Ability to collect signals through a wireless sensor network using(More)
In application server systems, such as J2EE, replication is an essential strategy for reliability and efficiency. Many J2EE implementations , both commercial and open-source, provide some replication support. However, the range of possible strategies is wide, and the choice of the best one, depending on the expected application profile, remains an open(More)
Replication is widely used in application server products to tolerate faults. An important challenge is to correctly coordinate replication and transaction execution for stateful application servers. Many current solutions assume that a single client request generates exactly one transaction at the server. However, it is quite common that several client(More)
The goal of this poster is to describe our implementation of a newarchitecture enabling efficient integration between mobile phoneapplications and Web Services. Using this architecture, we haveimplemented a mobile shopping assistant described further. In orderto build this architecture, we designed an innovative XMLcompression mechanism to facilitate data(More)
As the capabilities of mobile phones increase, so does the demand for mobile business data. Users may now wish to access backend services on the go, with a mobile phone rather than a laptop. But even as mobile technologies have grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, mobile phones are still under intrinsic hardware constraints, and more importantly, the(More)