Huaibo Sun

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High altitude alpine meadows are experiencing considerably greater than average increases in soil surface temperature, potentially as a result of ongoing climate change. The effects of warming on plant productivity and soil edaphic variables have been established previously, but the influence of warming on soil microbial community structure has not been(More)
Soil fungi fill pivotal ecological roles in biogeochemical processes, particularly dominating decomposition of lignin. Little is known, however, about the responses of different fungal groups to climate warming with respect to bacteria. In this study, using barcode pyrosequencing, we showed that short-term (15 months) of field exposure of an alpine meadow(More)
Many studies have investigated patterns in the near-surface soil microbial community over large spatial scales. However, less is known about variation in subsurface (15-30 cm of depth) microbial communities. Here we studied depth profiles of microbial communities in high-elevation soils from Tibet. The relative abundance of Acidobacteria, Chloroflexi and(More)
It is common to take photos and share them by smartphone in mobile social network at present, but the sharer may need to mask partial areas of the photo to avoid leaking the privacy. Reversible image mosaic can mask the privacy very well. However, there is little discussion on how to effectively control and safely store the mosaic information for(More)
Recent meta-analyses of fungal diversity using deeply sequenced marker genes suggest that most fungal taxa are locally distributed. However, little is known about the extent of overlap and niche partitions in total fungal communities or functional guilds within distinct habitats on a local forest scale. Here, we compared fungal communities in endosphere(More)
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