Huaibo Song

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For apple harvesting robot, it is difficult to acquire the coordinates of occluded apples accurately in natural scenes, which is important in implementing picking tasks. In this paper, a method on automatic recognition and localization of occluded apples was proposed. Firstly, an apple recognition algorithm based on K-means clustering theory was described.(More)
Remote sensing systems based on consumer-grade cameras have been increasingly used in scientific research and remote sensing applications because of their low cost and ease of use. However, the performance of consumer-grade cameras for practical applications has not been well documented in related studies. The objective of this research was to apply three(More)
Accurate identification of apples partially occluded by branches and leaves is an urgent and key issue for a picking robot. The objective of this study was to detect the symmetry axes of partially occluded single apples accurately using the convex hull theory and Shape Context algorithm. Firstly, apple regions were obtained by using K-means clustering(More)
Eating behaviors are closely related to body weight, and eating traits are depicted in three dimensions: dietary restraint, disinhibition, and hunger. The current study aims to explore whether these aspects of eating behaviors are related to intrinsic brain activation, and to further investigate the relationship between the brain activation relating to(More)
As we all know that image saliency estimation is an important technique in many computer vision applications. We study bottom-up saliency estimation method based on sparse representation and structural redundancy reduction. Firstly, we learn a set of basis functions using independent component analysis on a large set of natural images and obtain image(More)
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