Huaibin Zheng

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We investigate numerically interactions between two in-phase or out-of-phase Airy beams and nonlinear accelerating beams in Kerr and saturable nonlinear media in one transverse dimension. We discuss different cases in which the beams with different intensities are launched into the medium, but accelerate in opposite directions. Since both the Airy beams and(More)
We investigate numerically the interactions of two in-phase and out-of-phase Airy beams and nonlinear (NL) accelerating beams in Kerr and saturable NL media, in one transverse dimension. We find that bound and unbound soliton pairs, as well as single solitons, can form in such interactions. If the interval between two incident beams is large relative to the(More)
Diffraction is one of the universal phenomena of physics, and a way to overcome it has always represented a challenge for physicists. In order to control diffraction, the study of structured waves has become decisive. Here, we present a specific class of nondiffracting spatially accelerating solutions of the Maxwell equations: the Weber waves. These(More)
We report our observations of enhancement and suppression between two competing four-wave mixing FWM processes. The results show the evolution of the dressed effects from pure enhancement into pure suppression in the degenerate FWM processes. Moreover, due to induced atomic coherence in the system, there exist different interplays between these two FWM(More)
Spatial displacements of the probe and generated four-wave mixing beams are observed in a three-level V-type, as well as a two-level atomic system near resonance. The observed spatial shift curves reflect the typical enhanced cross-Kerr nonlinear dispersion properties in the electromagnetically induced transparency EIT systems. The spatial beam(More)
Yigang Du, Yanpeng Zhang,* Cuicui Zuo, Changbiao Li, Zhiqiang Nie, Huaibin Zheng, Meizhen Shi, Ruimin Wang, Jianping Song, Keqing Lu, and Min Xiao Key Laboratory for Physical Electronics and Devices of the Ministry of Education and Shaanxi Key Laboratory of Information Photonic Technique, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xi’an 710049, China Department of Physics,(More)
For the first time, we study the parametric amplification process of multi-wave mixing (PA-MWM) signal and cascaded-nonlinearity process (CNP) in sodium vapors both theoretically and experimentally, based on a conventional phase-conjugate MWM and a self-diffraction four-wave mixing (SD-FWM) processes, which are pumped by laser or amplified spontaneous(More)
Akhmediev and Kuznetsov-Ma breathers are rogue wave solutions of the nonlinear Schrödinger equation (NLSE). Talbot effect (TE) is an image recurrence phenomenon in the diffraction of light waves. We report the nonlinear TE of rogue waves in a cubic medium. It is different from the linear TE, in that the wave propagates in a NL medium and is an eigenmode of(More)
We study the enhancement and suppression of different multi-waving mixing (MWM) processes in a Rydberg-EIT rubidium vapor system both theoretically and experimentally. The nonlinear dispersion property of hot rubidium atoms is modulated by the Rydberg-Rydberg interaction, which can result in a nonlinear phase shift of the relative phase between dark and(More)
We theoretically demonstrate the influence of dark and bright states on vacuum Rabi splitting (VRS) and optical bistability (OB) of the multi-wave-mixing (MWM) process in a collective four-level atomic-cavity coupling system. We numerically investigate the multidressed VRS and OB behavior of the zeroand high-order transmitted cavity modes of MWM signals. A(More)