Huaibiao Li

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The postnatal mammalian ovary contains the primary follicles, each comprising an immature oocyte surrounded by a layer of somatic granulosa cells. Oocytes reach meiotic and developmental competence via folliculogenesis. During this process, the granulosa cells proliferate massively around the oocyte, form an extensive extracellular matrix (ECM) and(More)
Hypofertility is a risk factor for the development of testicular germ cell tumors (TGCT), but the initiating event linking these pathologies is unknown. We hypothesized that excessive planar division of undifferentiated germ cells promotes their self-renewal and TGCT development. However, our results obtained from mouse models and seminoma patients(More)
Misoriented division of neuroprogenitors, by loss-of-function studies of centrosome or spindle components, has been linked to the developmental brain defects microcephaly and lissencephaly. As these approaches also affect centrosome biogenesis, spindle assembly, or cell-cycle progression, the resulting pathologies cannot be attributed solely to spindle(More)
The potential effects of recombinant shark hepatical stimulator analogue (r-sHSA) in liver disease have been revealed in our previous studies. In order to further evaluate its clinic application, we carried out high cell-density fermentation in 5 L fermentor to get enough products. Based on the trials in shaking flask, we optimized the parameters for 5 L(More)
Oriented cell division is one mechanism progenitor cells use during development and to maintain tissue homeostasis. Common to most cell types is the asymmetric establishment and regulation of cortical NuMA-dynein complexes that position the mitotic spindle. Here, we discover that HMMR acts at centrosomes in a PLK1-dependent pathway that locates active Ran(More)
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