Huai yong Cheng

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BACKGROUND Diabetes mellitus is common among elderly persons, with several potential complications that could contribute to falls. However, diabetes mellitus is not widely recognized as an important risk factor for falls among elderly persons. Accordingly, the purpose of the current study was to determine whether diabetes is an independent risk factor for(More)
BACKGROUND Orthostatic hypotension (OH) is traditionally defined as a decline in systolic or diastolic blood pressure of >20 or >10 mm Hg, respectively, after 1 or 3 minutes of upright posture. OH is common in the elderly, but has not been consistently demonstrated to be an independent risk factor for falls in nursing home residents. Previous studies have(More)
CONTEXT Limited published data exist on whether characteristics of patients with advanced cancer enrolled in cancer-related fatigue clinical trials (CCTs) differ from patients in outpatient palliative care clinics (OPCs). OBJECTIVES The primary aim of this study was to compare the characteristics of two groups of patients with advanced cancer and(More)
BACKGROUND Lack of energy, "anergia," is a possible central feature for identifying, evaluating, and treating elders with health-related problems in quality of life. METHODS A survey was conducted on a randomly selected stratified sample (N = 2130) of three ethnic groups of community-residing elders in a defined urban geographic area: the Northern(More)
Although there is a critical need to prepare physicians to care for the growing population of older adults, many academic medical centers lack the geriatric-trained faculty and dedicated resources needed to support comprehensive residency training programs in geriatrics. Because of this challenge at Columbia University, the Columbia Cooperative Aging(More)
BACKGROUND An estimated 1.5 million residents of nursing homes (NH) in the United States were prescribed an average of 7 to 8 medications each month. However, it is unknown which of these prescribed drugs and nutritional supplements have been tested for use among NH residents who often have distinct and complex needs compared with other geriatric patients.(More)