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BACKGROUND Marfan's syndrome is an inherited disorder that affects the connective tissue. It has been proposed that mutations of FBN1 gene or of transforming growth factor (TGF)-beta type II receptor may be responsible for its pathogenesis. However, the role of TGF-beta signaling pathway in the development of Marfan's syndrome has not been comprehensively(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the incidence and angiographic features of exercise-induced ST-segment elevation in patients without prior myocardial infarction. METHODS Exercise-induced ST-segment elevation occurred in 15 out of 4601 consecutive patients without prior myocardial infarction underwent treadmill exercise testing during a 2-year period. The coronary(More)
By using the arrhythmic animal models, the effect of 6,7-dimethoxycoumarin (DMOC) on arrhythmia was investigated. The arrhythmia in anaesthetized rat were induced by iv aconitine 20 or CaCl2 5 The arrhythmia in anesthetized guinea pigs was induced by iv ouabain 3.6 Procainamide (PA) was used as a positive(More)
Left recurrent laryngeal nerve palsy characterized by hoarseness due to a cardiovascular disorder, which is termed as cardiovocal syndrome or Ortner's syndrome, is an unusual condition. The syndrome might be associated with diverse cardiovascular diseases. However, it is rarely caused by an aortic pseudoaneurysm. The prominent clinical features of such(More)
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