Huai Zhong Li

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Proper parameter settings of support vector machine (SVM) and feature selection are of great importance to its efficiency and accuracy. In this paper, we propose a parallel time variant particle swarm optimization (TVPSO) algorithm to simultaneously perform the parameter optimization and feature selection for SVM, termed PTVPSO-SVM. It is implemented in a(More)
We investigate the complex flow field around a sphere rising in a Maxwell fluid by means of the lattice Boltzmann simulation to provide insights into the strange negative wake experimentally observed behind a bubble or particle in non Newtonian fluids. The influence of the rise velocity, sphere diameter, and fluid's rheology is considered through two(More)
Several studies report that dolphins, either captive or wild, can expel air from their blowhole to form ring bubbles. By means of an experimental setup consisting of an orifice coupled to a computer-controlled solenoid valve to simulate the dolphin's blowhole and a vessel as the lungs, we examined the formation mechanism of a ring bubble under varying(More)
There are few reports on CT findings in "fresh" cerebral paragonimiasis. We have experienced four cases of "fresh" cerebral paragonimiasis examined by CT scan. Three patients were children aged 7, 9, and 14 years, and one was an adult aged 25 years. Three patients were examined by CT scan 2 to 6 months after the onset of high grade fever, convulsion and(More)
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