Huai Wu Zhang

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In this work, disordered-IrMn3/insulating-Y3Fe5O12 exchange-biased bilayers are studied. The behavior of the net magnetic moment ΔmAFM in the antiferromagnet is directly probed by anomalous and planar Hall effects, and anisotropic magnetoresistance. The ΔmAFM is proved to come from the interfacial uncompensated magnetic moment. We demonstrate that the(More)
Aims. We investigate the formation of neutral and singly ionized scandium lines in the solar photospheres. The research is aimed derive solar log g f ε⊙(Sc) values for scandium lines, which will later be used in differential abundance analyses of metal-poor stars. Methods. Extensive statistical equilibrium calculations were carried out for a model atom,(More)
We present the potential of ultrathin bilayer metallic nanofilms for use as broadband antireflection coatings in the terahertz frequency range. The metallic layers are modeled using a wave-impedance matching approach. The experimental and theoretical results are in good agreement. Further, a novel method using our broadband antireflection coatings is(More)
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