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From fire whirls to blue whirls and combustion with reduced pollution
Significance The growing worldwide demand to reduce emissions from combustion calls for development of alternative technologies for high-efficiency and low-emission combustion. Whereas fire whirlsExpand
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High-Rank MIMO Precoding for Future LTE-Advanced Pro
We study the precoding for the high-rank MIMO in the LTE-A Pro systems. Expand
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Photodegradation of naproxen in water under simulated solar radiation: mechanism, kinetics, and toxicity variation
The main objective of this study was to investigate the degradation mechanism, the reaction kinetics, and the evolution of toxicity of naproxen in waters under simulated solar radiation. TheseExpand
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Photocatalytic performances of g-C3N4 based catalysts for RhB degradation: Effect of preparation conditions
Abstract Photocatalytic performances of g-C3N4 based materials prepared under different conditions for rhodamine B (RhB) degradation in aqueous solution were investigated, with the aim of optimizingExpand
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Correlation study between flammability and the width of organic thermal insulation materials for building exterior walls
Abstract Considering the sustainable energy strategy for buildings, external wall insulation system is expected to play an important role in building energy conversation. And higher energy efficiencyExpand
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Theoretical and experimental study of width effects on horizontal flame spread over extruded and expanded polystyrene foam surfaces
In order to explore the mechanisms of horizontal flame spread over thermal insulation foam surfaces, extruded polystyrene and expanded polystyrene foams were selected to carry out a series ofExpand
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An experimental study of premixed hydrogen/air flame propagation in a partially open duct
Abstract High-speed schlieren cinematography and pressure records are used to investigate the dynamics of premixed hydrogen/air flame propagation and pressure build up in a partially open duct withExpand
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Downward flame spread over extruded polystyrene
An experimental study on the characteristics of downward flame spread of extruded polystyrene (XPS) is presented. The parameters investigated include average mass loss rate per unit of thickness ($$Expand
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Cell and user virtualization for ultra dense network
This paper proposes a novel small cell architecture which considers multi-layer virtualization for dense heterogeneous network. Expand
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Study on spontaneous combustion risk of cotton using a micro-calorimeter technique
Abstract Spontaneous combustion of cotton is one of the major challenges during cotton storage. To investigate the thermal behavior of cotton and calculate its self-heating oxidation temperatureExpand
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