Huaguo Liang

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In this paper a new scheme for deterministic and mixed mode scan-based BIST is presented. It relies on a new type of test pattern generator which resembles a programmable Johnson counter and is called folding counter. Both the theoretical background and practical algorithms are presented to characterize a set of deterministic test cubes by a reasonably(More)
In this paper a novel architecture for scan-based mixed mode BIST is presented. To reduce the storage requirements for the deterministic patterns it relies on a two-dimensional compression scheme, which combines the advantages of known vertical and horizontal compression techniques. To reduce both the number of patterns to be stored and the number of bits(More)
A new scheme of test data compression/decompression, namely coding of even bits marking and selective output inversion, is presented. It first uses a special kind of codewords, odd bits of which are used to represent the length of runs and even bits of which are used to represent whether the codewords finish. The characteristic of the codewords make the(More)
A precomputed core test set contains a large number of don’t cares ( ’s) that can be effectively exploited to improve test data compression (TDC). Extending pattern run-length coding, we present a novel strategy that propagates the ’s of a reference pattern to a new reference pattern in such a way that the reference pattern is XOR-ed with the pattern to be(More)