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Mobile crowdsourced sensing (MCS) is a new paradigm which takes advantage of pervasive smartphones to efficiently collect data, enabling numerous novel applications. To achieve good service quality for a MCS application, incentive mechanisms are necessary to attract more user participation. Most of existing mechanisms apply only for the offline scenario(More)
Opportunistic routing, has been shown to improve the network throughput, by allowing nodes that overhear the transmission and closer to the destination to participate in forwarding packets, i.e., in forwarder list. The nodes in forwarder list are prioritized and the lower priority forwarder will discard the packet if the packet has been forwarded by a(More)
The server's storage I/O and network I/O bandwidths are the main bottleneck of VoD service. Multicast offers an efficient means of distributing a video program to multiple clients, thus greatly improving the VoD performance. However, there are many problems to overcome before development of multicast VoD systems. This paper critically evaluates and(More)
Wireless sensor networks are often based on omni-sensing and communication models. In contrast, in this paper, we investigate sensor networks with directional sensing and communication capability. Due to the distinct characteristics and potential effects on coverage and connectivity of the network, novel analysis and solutions are demanded. Toward this end,(More)
While conventional sensor networks have revealed their vast potentials, simple and special purposed data doubtlessly limits their expansion into information hungry domains. Video sensor networks present an unprecedented opportunity to annex rich information with distributed sensor networks. However, directional sensing range and high data rate unique to(More)
Reliable and real-time people counting is crucial in many applications. Most previous works can only count moving people from a single camera, which cannot count still people or can fail badly when there is a crowd (i.e., heavy occlusion occurs). In this article, we build a system for robust and fast people counting under occlusion through multiple cameras.(More)
Mosaic block is easily occurred in the TV signals, which will cause the degraded video. In this paper, we propose an automatic degraded video detection approach based on support vector machine and template matching to detecting mosaic block in video. We develop a detection algorithm based on a cascade of processing steps as follows. First, we use DWT to(More)
Camera sensor networks have recently emerged as a very critical research topic. Target tracking and localization are important applications in camera sensor networks. In this paper, we investigate the coverage problem from the perspective of target localization in camera sensor network, compare to the coverage problem for target detection has been(More)