Huacheng Zhu

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Effective complex permittivity measurements of materials are important in microwave engineering and microwave chemistry. The BP (Back Propagation) neural network computational module has been applied to microwave technology and becomes a useful tool recently. A neural network can be trained to learn the behavior of an effective complex permittivity of(More)
The aim of this communication is firstly to describe the effective permittivity of the biodiesel reaction for multiphysics calculation of microwave heating. An innovatively method was proposed to get the effective permittivity of the biodiesel reaction solution through one measurement, which can be directly applied for the thermal analysis of microwave(More)
The aim of this work was firstly to do a precise thermal analysis of microwave assisted production of biodiesel. In this paper, the effective permittivity of biodiesel synthesis was updated with two methods: a traditional method and a bivariate function of temperature and concentration of one component, then the thermal analysis of the reaction process were(More)
The anomalous dielectric relaxation of disordered reaction with linear reaction dynamics is studied via the continuous time random walk model in the presence of space-dependent electric field. Two kinds of modified reaction-subdiffusion equations are derived for different linear reaction processes by the master equation, including the instantaneous(More)
This paper presented an architecture of IEEE 802.15.4 standard-based MAC controller containing improved CSMA/CA mechanism, hardware security mechanism, efficient frame processing, ACK mechanism etc. The design of MAC controller individual module and detailed structure is completed optimal. Module level of this MAC controller is simulated after the RTL level(More)
Microwave processing of materials has been found to deliver enormous advantages over conventional processing methods in terms of mechanical and physical properties of the materials. However, the non-uniform temperature distribution is the key problem of microwave processing, which is related to the structure of the cavity, and the placement and physical(More)
A number of studies have achieved the consensus that microwave thermal technology can regenerate the granular activated carbon (GAC) more efficiently and energy-conservatively than other technologies. In particular, in the microwave heating industry, permittivity is a crucial parameter. This paper developed two equivalent models to establish the(More)
Microwaves have been widely used in the treatment of materials, such as heating, drying, and sterilization. However, the heating in the commonly used microwave applicators is usually uneven. In this paper, a novel multi-material turntable structure is creatively proposed to improve the temperature uniformity in microwave ovens. Three customized turntables(More)
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