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In this paper, we investigate the existence of solutions for multi-point boundary value problems at resonance concerning fractional differential equation on a half-line. Our analysis relies on the coincidence degree of Mawhin. As an application, an example is presented to illustrate the main results.
BACKGROUND We have proved that hypercapnic acidosis (a PaCO2 of 80-100 mmHg) protects against ventilator-induced lung injury in rats. However, there remains uncertainty regarding the appropriate target PaCO2 or if greater CO2 "doses" (PaCO2 > 100 mmHg) demonstrate this effect. We wished to determine whether severe acute hypercapnic acidosis can reduce(More)
BACKGROUND Halothane and desflurane have been shown to attenuate neuronal injury; however, the effects of these anesthetics on mitochondria are unclear. We investigated whether halothane and desflurane affect the function of mitochondria after cerebral ischemia in rats. METHODS Forty male Wistar rats were randomly divided into four groups (n = 10 each):(More)
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