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BACKGROUND Elaboration of the concept of cytokine-induced sickness behaviour in recent years has opened new avenues for understanding brain involvement in sickness and recovery processes. Additionally, this has led to much speculation about the role of the immune system in neuropsychiatric syndromes, including depression and chronic fatigue. However, few(More)
The purpose of this study was to compare the psychotropic prescribing practices of family physicians and psychiatric physicians, and to assess their satisfaction with education about psychotropic prescribing. A survey was mailed to 461 active members of the Minnesota Psychiatric Society and to a randomized sample of 461 active members of the Minnesota(More)
A meta-analysis was performed to examine differences in IQ profiles between individuals with Asperger's disorder (AspD) and high-functioning autism (HFA). Fifty-two studies were included for this study. The results showed that (a) individuals with AspD had significantly higher full-scale IQ, verbal IQ (VIQ), and performance IQ (PIQ) than did individuals(More)
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