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Urban environments, or living cities, share the characteristic of a high degree of organized complexity. This complexity arises from the components of the urban fabric: streets, shops, offices, houses, pedestrian zones, green spaces, plazas, parking lots, transportation networks, natural features, etc. Citizens in urban spaces are using location-based(More)
The use of location-enabled mobile technology is ubiquituos. We outline the opportunities and risks involved in using user-generated spatial data and information. User generated spatial data is a very dynamic but has many inconsistencies. This could severely limit its use in many security and intelligence applications.
Some problems of brightness, few detail information and small proportion of moving-target are existed in the aviation video. For those, insect compound eye has great advantages to detect the targets. With moving-target capture method from bionic compound eyes, the inter-frame difference algorithm is proposed in movement window. The experiments indicate that(More)
A filtering method is proposed in this paper that can generate DTM (digital terrain model) based on multi-scale mathematic morphology. With the second echo information of LIDAR, the method firstly extracts the edge point of vegetation and house, and then process opening operation of mathematical morphology with the remainder data in local region. Comparing(More)
In view of biology, insect compound eyes have wider field of view and faster speed than that of human eyes in moving-target detection. The moving-target detection mechanism with compound eyes has been referenced in this paper. Based on it, we design a synchronous imaging system for moving-target detection with bionic compound eyes. The results prove it have(More)
This paper has investigated present radiation hardened FPGA manufacturers and SEU hardened method of configurable SRAM (CSRAM) applied to FPGA. A novel high-density single-event upset hardened CSRAM applied to BQV 300 FPGA is proposed, and this paper uses the mix-mode radiation hardened verification method to simulate the SEU hardened CSRAM. The proposed(More)