Huabo Sun

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Urban environments, or living cities, share the characteristic of a high degree of organized complexity. This complexity arises from the components of the urban fabric: streets, shops, offices, houses, pedestrian zones, green spaces, plazas, parking lots, transportation networks, natural features, etc. Citizens in urban spaces are using location-based(More)
—The last few years has seen the use of mobile technology become ubiquituos. Many millions of citizens around the world own smartphones, which they use for both personal and business applications. The majority of smartphones are designed towards Location-based Services (LBS). Consequently these smartphones have on-board GPS devices with the ability of(More)
SRAM-based FPGAs have been widely used in space engineering. However, the configuration memory in SRAM-based FPGA is susceptible to the single event effects (SEE). It can disrupt the communication or control functions of the spacecraft. To mitigate SEE effects of the SRAM-based FPGAs used in space radiation environment, Beijing Microelectronics Technology(More)
The compound eyes of insect are highly optimized for the task of visual acquisition of relevant information from the environment, such as moving object detection. These have attracted the attention of many researchers in recent years. The advantages of compound eyes are illustrated in this paper in relation to other approaches in moving object detection.(More)