Huabing Zhu

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Six types of bovine somatic cell lines, including a granulosa cell line of Chinese red-breed yellow cattle (YGR), a granulosa cell line of Holstein cow (HGR), two skin fibroblast cell lines of two adult Holstein cows respectively (AFB1 and AFB2), a skin fibroblast cell line (FFB) and an oviduct epithelial cell line (FOV) of a Holstein fetus, were(More)
The present study examined effects of genetic manipulation and serum starvation on in vitro developmental potential of bovine somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) embryos and vitrification on in vivo developmental competence of transgenic SCNT blastocysts. Fetal oviduct epithelial cells (FOECs) were isolated from the oviduct of a Day 147 bovine fetus and(More)
The present study examined the effects of genetic manipulation to the donor cell and different types of transgenic donor cells on developmental potential of bovine nuclear transfer (NT) embryos. Four types of bovine somatic cells, including granulosa cells, fetal fibroblasts, fetal oviduct epithelial cells and fetal ovary epithelial cells, were transfected(More)
Grab structure performance will directly affect the reliability of the crane work. In this paper, we completed the structural design of the tower crane grab components, and analyzed the grab by finite element method in the most dangerous conditions. So The stress, strain and deformation value of the condition are obtained. Finding out the position of the(More)
Dynamic performance is one of the most important criteria of the truss robots. In this paper, the purpose is to verify the certain accuracy and feasibility of the rigid-flexible coupled model based on RecurDyn (Recursive Dynamic) and research the dynamic performance of the truss robot by the simulation and experimental methods. Firstly, two critical(More)
This paper presents a design of high counting rate analog front-end circuit for radiation detector in 0.18&#x03BC;m CMOS process. The front-end circuit consists of charge sensitive amplifier (CSA), CR- (RC)<sup>n</sup> Semi-Gaussian (S-G) filter (called Shaper) which consists of one CR differentiator stage and n order RC integrator stages, and baseline(More)
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