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LGN regulates mitotic spindle orientation during epithelial morphogenesis
Disrupting LGN’s function at lateral membrane domains displaces the axis of cell division in cyst-forming MDCK cells.
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Evidence for dynein and astral microtubule–mediated cortical release and transport of Gαi/LGN/NuMA complex in mitotic cells
The interaction between astral microtubules and the cell cortex is accompanied by constant cortical release and transport of LGN/dynein complex, which is modulated by cortical actin filaments.Expand
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Identification of differentially expressed proteins between bull X and Y spermatozoa.
Differential expression of genes leads to variation in phenotypes of X and Y sperm, even though some differential gene products are shared through an intercellular bridge. Differentially expressedExpand
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Ufbp1 promotes plasma cell development and ER expansion by modulating distinct branches of UPR
The IRE1α/XBP1 branch of unfolded protein response (UPR) pathway has a critical function in endoplasmic reticulum (ER) expansion in plasma cells via unknown mechanisms; interestingly, another UPRExpand
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Regulation of myosin activation during cell–cell contact formation by Par3-Lgl antagonism: entosis without matrix detachment
Two polarity proteins, partitioning defective 3 homologue (Par3) and mammalian homologues of Drosophila lethal(2)giant larvae (Lgl1/2), antagonize each other in modulating myosin II activation duringExpand
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Carbidopa, a drug in use for management of Parkinson disease inhibits T cell activation and autoimmunity
Carbidopa is a drug that blocks conversion of levodopa to dopamine outside of central nervous system (CNS) and thus inhibits unwanted side effects of levodopa on organs located outside of CNS duringExpand
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Comparison of the developmental competence and quality of bovine embryos obtained by in vitro fertilization with sex-sorted and unsorted semen from seven bulls
In artificial insemination, semen quality is considered to be closely related to the resultant pregnancy rate and the ratio of embryo development into fetus. The aim of this study was to evaluate theExpand
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Identification of Valid Housekeeping Genes for Real-Time Quantitative PCR Analysis of Collapsed Lung Tissues of Neonatal Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer-Derived Cattle.
Cloned calves produced by somatic cell nuclear transfer frequently suffer alveolar collapse as newborns. To study the underlying pathophysiological mechanisms responsible for this phenomenon, theExpand
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