Hua-gang Jian

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OBJECTIVE To study the epidemiological characteristics and preventive methods of road traffic crashes in a mountain city in western China through sampling investigation of traffic crashes in different regions of Chongqing city in recent years. METHODS Two police teams of traffic management in downtown, two teams in suburb, one team in county and one(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate whether multidrug resistance gene 1(mdr1) could reverse multidrug resistance (MDR) in HepG2R cells. METHODS An adenovirus vector, Adeno-asmdr, containing the antisense RNA driven by AFP promoter, was construct. Adeno-EGFP was transfected into HepG2, an AFP producing cell line, L02, a normal human liver cell line, and HeLa, a human(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate if an adenovirus vector carrying antisense multidrug resistance gene 1 (MDR1) could reverse multidrug resistance (MDR) of HepG2/ adriamycin (ADM) cells in tumors transplanted in athymic mice. METHODS An adenovirus vector carrying AFP promoter and antisense MDR1 was constructed. HepG2 MDR cells (HepG2/ADM) were induced by graded(More)
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