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Trigochinins A-C: three new daphnane-type diterpenes from Trigonostemon chinensis.
This study suggested the revision of the C-6 stereochemistry of trigonothyrins A-C reported quite recently, which showed significant inhibition against MET tyrosine kinase activity. Expand
Agladupols A-E, triterpenoids from Aglaia duperreana.
A (13)C NMR-based general rule for assignment of the C-21 configuration in the side chain of apotirucallane- and tiruc allane-type triterpenoids was proposed and the relative stereochemistry of 21- O-methyltoosendanpentol (1a), a known compound with the relative configurations of the stereocenters in theSide chain undetermined, was completely assigned. Expand
Chlorahololides A and B, two potent and selective blockers of the potassium channel isolated from Chloranthus holostegius.
Chlorahololides A (1) and B (2) exhibited potent and selective inhibition on the delayed rectifier K+ current, with an IC50 of 10.9 and 18.6 microM, respectively. Expand
Terpenoids from Toona ciliata.
Three new norlimonoids (1-3), two new tirucallane-type triterpenoids (4 and 5), and a new pimaradiene-type diterpenoid (6) were isolated from the leaves and twigs of Toona ciliata. Expand
Trigoxyphins A-G: diterpenes from Trigonostemon xyphophylloides.
Six new oxygenated daphnane-type diterpenoids, trigoxyphins A-F (1-6), a phenanthrene-type diterpenoid, trigoxyphin G (7), and two known compounds were isolated from twigs of TrigonostemonExpand
Trigochinins D-I: six new daphnane-type diterpenoids from Trigonostemon chinensis
Six new highly oxygenated daphnane-type diterpenoids, trigochinins De I( 1e6), were isolated from the twigs and leaves of Trigonostemon chinensis. Their structures with the absolute configurationExpand
Limonoids from the leaves and stems of Toona ciliata.
Three new norlimonoids, toonaciliatins A, F, and G, and five known compounds, 5alpha,6beta,8alpha-trihydroxy-28-norisotoonafolin, were isolated from the leaves and stems of Toona ciliata by extensive spectroscopic methods, particularly 1D and 2D NMR techniques. Expand
Aphanamolide A, a new limonoid from Aphanamixis polystachya.
Two new limonoids, namely aphanamolides A and B, were isolated from the seeds of Aphanamixis polystachya and featured an unprecedented carbon skeleton via the formation of a C-3-C-6 bond. Expand
Three new 24-noroleanane triterpenoids from Quercus aliena var. acuteserrata
Three new 24-noroleanane triterpenoids, i.e., 2α,19α-dihydroxy-3-oxo-24-norolean-12-en-28-oic acid (1) and 19α-hydroxy-3-oxo-24-norolean-12-en-28-oic acid (2), andExpand