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We present an unsupervised technique for detecting unusual activity in a large video set using many simple features. No complex activity models and no supervised feature selections are used. We divide the video into equal length segments and classify the extracted features into prototypes, from which a prototype-segment co-occurrence matrix is computed.(More)
Proportional share resource management provides a flexible and useful abstraction for multiplexing time-shared resources. However, previous proportional share mechanisms have either weak proportional sharing accuracy or high scheduling overhead. We present Virtual-Time Round-Robin (VTRR), a proportional share sched-uler that can provide good proportional(More)
Process checkpoint/restart is a very useful technology for process migration, load balancing, crash recovery, rollback transaction, job controlling and many other purposes. Although process migration has not yet been widely used and is not widely available commercial systems, the growing shift of computing facilities from supercomputers to networked(More)
BACKGROUND The emergence of agriculture about 10,000 years ago marks a dramatic change in human evolutionary history. The diet shift in agriculture societies might have a great impact on the genetic makeup of Neolithic human populations. The regionally restricted enrichment of the class I alcohol dehydrogenase sequence polymorphism (ADH1BArg47His) in(More)
BACKGROUND The phylogeography of the Y chromosome in Asia previously suggested that modern humans of African origin initially settled in mainland southern East Asia, and about 25,000-30,000 years ago, migrated northward, spreading throughout East Asia. However, the fragmented distribution of one East Asian specific Y chromosome lineage (D-M174), which is(More)
Performance isolation is a key requirement for application-level multi-tenant sharing hosting environments. It requires knowledge of the resource consumption of the various tenants. It is of great importance not only to be aware of the resource consumption of a tenant's given kind of transaction mix, but also to be able to be aware of the resource(More)
Inhibition of angiogenesis is an important new modality for cancer treatment. 2-methoxyestradiol (2ME2) is a novel antitumor and antiangiogenic agent, currently in clinical trials, whose molecular mechanism of action remains unclear. Herein, we report that 2ME2 inhibits tumor growth and angiogenesis at concentrations that efficiently disrupt tumor(More)
Co-expression networks are routinely used to study human diseases like obesity and diabetes. Systematic comparison of these networks between species has the potential to elucidate common mechanisms that are conserved between human and rodent species, as well as those that are species-specific characterizing evolutionary plasticity. We developed a(More)
Runtime monitoring of Web service compositions with WS-BPEL has been widely acknowledged as a significant approach to understand and guarantee the quality of services. However, most existing monitoring technologies only track patterns related to the execution of an individual process. As a result, the possible inconsistency failure caused by implicit(More)