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Airborne bacteria are important biological components of bioaerosol and play an important role in ecosystem. Bacteria at a high concentration in the atmosphere can result in biological air pollution and all kinds of diseases. In this study, a systematical survey on the culturable airborne bacteria was carried out for 1 year at three sites in Beijing urban(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the functional connectivity (FC) pattern within an intrinsic functional organization, including both task-positive (TPN) and task-negative (TNN) networks, in major depressive disorder (MDD), and to examine relationships between the involved FCs and clinical variables. METHODS Resting-state FC analyses were used to identify the(More)
The urban heat island describes the phenomenon that air/surface temperatures are higher in urban areas compared to their surrounding rural areas. Numerous studies have shown that increased percent cover of greenspace (PLAND) can significantly decrease land surface temperatures (LST). Fewer studies, however, have investigated the effects of configuration of(More)
Airborne fungi are being proposed as a cause of adverse health effects. They may adversely affect human health through allergy, infection, and toxicity. Moreover, they have a great influence on urban air quality in Beijing. In this study, a systematical survey on the culturable airborne fungi was carried out for 1 year in Beijing urban area. Fungal samples(More)
Evaluation have been an important subject since the early days of recommender systems. In online test, the click-through rate (CTR) is often adopted as the metric. However, recommended items with higher CTR does not imply higher relevance of two items since factors like item popularity or item serendipity may influence user's click behavior. We argue that(More)
Plant species composition is a critical issue in ecological research. Studies on the characteristics of plant species composition in the built-up areas, however, are hampered by a lack of basic field-based investigation. In this article, the plant species composition in the built-up areas of Beijing, China, is investigated using abundant field observations.(More)
Müller glia have been demonstrated to display stem-cell properties after retinal damage. Here, we report this potential can be regulated by Sonic hedgehog (Shh) signaling. Shh can stimulate proliferation of Müller glia through its receptor and target gene expressed on them, furthermore, Shh-treated Müller glia are induced to dedifferentiate by expressing(More)
Despite broad interest in using payment for ecosystem services to promote changes in the use of natural capital, there are few expost assessments of impacts of payment for ecosystem services programs on ecosystem service provision, program cost, and changes in livelihoods resulting from program participation. In this paper, we evaluate the Paddy Land-to-Dry(More)
By the method of stratified random sampling, the species composition and spatial structure of the plants in 53 parks in Beijing urban area were investigated, aimed to provide basic information for the protection of plant diversity in the parks and the management of the parks. A total of 492 plant species belong to 96 families and 283 genera were recorded.(More)
Many studies have shown soil degradation after the conversion of native forests to exotic Eucalyptus plantations. However, few studies have investigated the long-term impacts of short-rotation forestry practices on soil microorganisms. The impacts of Eucalyptus successive rotations on soil microbial communities were evaluated by comparing phospholipid fatty(More)