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Thermal/optical methods have been widely used for quantifying total carbon (TC), organic carbon (OC), and elemental carbon (EC) in ambient and source particulate samples. Thermally defined carbon fractions have been used for source identification. Temperature precision in thermal carbon analysis is critical to the allocation of carbon fractions. The sample(More)
A valid unsupervised and multiscale segmentation of synthetic aperture radar(SAR) imagery is proposed by a combination GA-EM of the Expectation Maximization(EM) algorith with the genetic algorithm (GA). The mixture multiscale autoregressive(MMAR) model is introduced to characterize and exploit the scale-to-scale statisticalvariations and statistical(More)
CD24(-/low)CD44(+) cells have been identified as putative cancer stem cells (CSCs) in breast cancer. However, the expression of these markers, as well as their association with clinical parameters or tumor microenvironment of breast cancer, remains largely unknown. In the present study, we examined the expression of CD44, CD24, VEGF, and HIF-1α in human(More)
Gradient vector flow (GVF) is an effective external force for active contours, but its isotropic nature handicaps its performance. The recently proposed NGVF model is anisotropic since it only keeps the diffusion along the normal direction of the isophotes; however, it is sensitive to noise and could erase weak boundaries. In this letter, the normally(More)
An interactive system coupling the Beijing Climate Center atmospheric general circulation model (BCC_AGCM2.0.1) and the Canadian Aerosol Module (CAM) with updated aerosol emission sources was developed to investigate the global distributions of optical properties and direct radiative forcing (DRF) of typical aerosols and their impacts on East Asian climate.(More)
A real-time database system usually requires maintaining a large amount of temporal data objects which record and model a physical, real-world environment. These temporal data objects are accessed by application transactions to generate the ultimate control actions. In the actual applications, real-time database systems require not only ensuring(More)
Innovations in surgical strategies and technologies have facilitated laparoscopic pancreaticoduodenectomy (LPD). However, data regarding the short-term and long-term results of LPD are sparse, and this procedure is the primary focus of the current study. Between October 2010 and October 2013, a total of 31 consecutive patients received LPD, including(More)
Dissolved organic matter (DOM) has been identified as precursor for disinfection by-products (DBPs) formation during chlorination. Recently, it has been demonstrated that the characteristics of DOM influence the DBPs formation mechanism. A study was, therefore, initiated to investigate the effects of DOM fractions on DBPs formation mechanism. In the(More)
In this paper, we propose pyramid appearance and global structure action descriptors on both RGB and depth motion history images and a model-free method for human action recognition. In proposed algorithm, we firstly construct motion history image for both RGB and depth channels, at the same time, depth information is employed to filter RGB information,(More)