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This paper presents an efficient method to adaptively determine the locations for taking measurements for automated calibration of electromagnetic systems using reconstructed magnetic fields. This coupled measurement- computation method solves the Laplace's equation with measured boundary conditions. Along with the formulation of two selection criteria(More)
Stimulus selection procedures are of importance for adequate psychophysical nociceptive threshold estimation. Various stimulus selection procedures were analyzed by means of simulations. Precision, bias, efficiency, and time constants of the various stimulus selection procedures were determined in a simulation model wherein a threshold is tracked. A new(More)
The structure and operating principle of micro valveless pump were investigated theoretically and experimentally. The mathematical model of pressure and flow rate within the micro nozzle/diffuser was established to analyze the effects of nozzle/diffuser parameters on the output flow rate of the micro valveless pump. The experiments were carried out with(More)
A high speed Proportional solenoid was designed. And the key parameters such as material and structure parameters of Proportional solenoid were analyzed and simulated. Samples with different structures of different material were made. Test system for Static and dynamic performance was made for sample testing. Samples were made and tested to prove the point:(More)
A technique is described to eliminate polarization-induced fading in fiber-optic interferometers with two or three polarizers. Modeling and simulation show that two polarizers should be angularly spaced by 90 degrees to alleviate polarization-induced fading. A test system is set up with two 6.5 km fiber coils to link the data. A bistate polarization(More)
The simulation software AMESim was applied to build the hydraulic system model of the upper part of 25T mobile crane. And the characteristics of the multiple-unit valve and the counter-balance valve were simulated and analyzed. Then more research was carried on the luffing system. Based on the simulation model of the boom and key components of the luffing(More)
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