Hua-Yang Liao

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OBJECTIVES Application of acidulated phosphate fluoride (APF) gels has long been considered to cause deterioration of composite surfaces. The aims of this study were to demonstrate that nanocomposite surfaces were not affected by some APF gels and to investigate the possible underlying mechanisms. METHODS The elemental composition and viscosity of 3(More)
There is no topically applicable low concentration fluoride delivery device available for caries prevention. This study was aimed to assess the use of a low concentration (1450 ppm) fluoride strip as an effective fluoride delivery system against enamel demineralization. The enamel surface composition and calcium-deficient hydroxyapatite or toothpaste(More)
The present study has examined the thermal behavior of copper on silicon oxide to clarify the diffusion of copper on dielectrics in an oxygen environment. Films of copper-deposited silicon oxide were prepared on silicon wafers and then annealed in oxygen. Self-organization of copper occurred to form line structures of multiple strips in a specific oxygen(More)
Solution synthesis of optoelectronic components has the advantages of processability, bandgap tuning, and large-scale manufacturing potential. The synthesis of monodispersed rhombs in solution, however, has rarely been reported, even though rhombs are promising for realizing unique optical functions in integrated optoelectronics. We present in this article(More)
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