Hua-Wen Liu

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This study achieved a nanocomposite structure of nickel oxide (NiO)/titanium dioxide (TiO₂) heterojunction on a TiO₂ film surface. The photocatalytic activity of this structure evaluated by decomposing methylene blue (MB) solution was strongly correlated to the conductive behavior of the NiO film. A p-type NiO film of high concentration in contact with the(More)
Uninorms introduced by Yager in 1996 are a new class of aggregation operators, which are also an important generalization of t-norms and t-conorms. At present, uninorms have been widely used in lots of fields such as expert system, decision making, fuzzy reasoning, image processing and so on. In the theoretical study about this class of operators, several(More)
The gas barrier property of a silicon oxide (SiOx) film synthesized from plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition using the tetramethysilane (TMS)-oxygen gas mixture was modified by introducing ammonia gas in the glow discharge. The change in the glow discharge with the ammonia gas incorporation was monitored by an optical emission spectrometer (OES).(More)
The method of demodulating was brought forward to estimate the direction-of-arrival (DOA) of linear frequency modulated (LFM) signals. First, we measure the original frequencies and LFM rates of the LFM signals, then apply the measured LFM rate to demodulate the array signals respectively, so as to make certain LFM signal a harmonic signal. Finally, the(More)
The photocatalytic activity of an amorphous titanium oxide (a-TiOx) film was modified using a two-step deposition. The fluorinated base layer with a nano-textured surface prepared by a selective fluorination etching process acted as growth seeds in the subsequent a-TiOx deposition. A nanorod-like microstructure was achievable from the resulting a-TiOx film(More)
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