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Synovial macrophage M1 polarisation exacerbates experimental osteoarthritis partially through R-spondin-2
The results show that promoting the macrophage M1 polarisation leads to exacerbation of experimental OA partially through secretion of Rspo2 and activation of β-catenin signalling in chondrocytes.
mTORC1 regulates PTHrP to coordinate chondrocyte growth, proliferation and differentiation
It is demonstrated that dynamically controlled mTORC1 activity is crucial to coordinate chondrocyte proliferation and differentiation partially through regulating Gli2/PTHrP during endochondral bone development.
Chondrocyte mTORC1 activation stimulates miR‐483‐5p via HDAC4 in osteoarthritis progression
Mechanistically, mTORC1 controls the HDAC4‐dependent expression of miR‐483‐5p to stimulate chondrocyte hypertrophy, extracellular matrix degradation, and subchondral bone angiogenesis, and it consequently initiates and accelerates the development of OA.
Frugoside delays osteoarthritis progression via inhibiting miR-155-modulated synovial macrophage M1 polarisation.
FGS attenuates synovial inflammation and delays the development of osteoarthritis in CIOA mice and demonstrates that intra-articular injection of FGS is a potential strategy for OA prevention and treatment, even at an early stage of disease progression.