Hua Tan

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MOTIVATION It becomes widely accepted that human cancer is a disease involving dynamic changes in the genome and that the missense mutations constitute the bulk of human genetic variations. A multitude of computational algorithms, especially the machine learning-based ones, has consequently been proposed to distinguish missense changes that contribute to(More)
An alternative approach to flat nanoimprint lithography ͑NIL͒—roller nanoimprint lithography ͑RNIL͒ is demonstrated. Compared with flat NIL, RNIL has the advantage of better uniformity, less force, and the ability to repeat a mask continuously on a large substrate. Two methods for RNIL are developed: ͑a͒ rolling a cylinder mold on a flat, solid substrate;(More)
Emergence and transmission of infectious diseases have an enormous impact on the poultry industry and present a serious threat to the health of humans and wild birds. Noncommercial poultry operations, such as backyard poultry facilities in China, are potential sources of virus exchange between commercial poultry and wild birds. It is particularly critical(More)
The epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) signaling pathway and angiogenesis in brain cancer act as an engine for tumor initiation, expansion and response to therapy. Since the existing literature does not have any models that investigate the impact of both angiogenesis and molecular signaling pathways on treatment, we propose a novel multi-scale,(More)
Imprint pressure uniformity is crucial to the pattern uniformity and yield of nanoimprint lithography (NIL) and, hence, its applications. We studied a novel imprint method, air cushion press (ACP), in which the mold and substrate are pressed against each other by gas pressure rather than solid plates, and compared it with a common method, solid(More)
Cancer is widely recognized as a genetic disease in which somatic mutations are sequentially accumulated to drive tumor progression. Although genomic landscape studies are informative for individual cancer types, a comprehensive comparative study of tumorigenic mutations across cancer types based on integrative data sources is still a pressing need. We(More)
Rotaviruses, noroviruses and astroviruses are the major viral pathogens leading to diarrhea worldwide. Epidemiological investigations of outbreaks associated with these viruses have been impeded by the lack of methods for quick diagnosis and detection. In the current study, a multiplex real-time nucleic acid sequence-based amplification (RT-NASBA) system(More)
—We demonstrate a tunable filter consisting of a sub-wavelength resonant grating filter cladded by a liquid crystal cell. The resonant wavelength of the grating filter is tuned by electrically varying the refractive index of the liquid crystal. A tuning range of around 20 nm has been achieved.
Recent reports indicate that a subgroup of tumor cells named cancer stem cells (CSCs) or tumor initiating cells (TICs) are responsible for tumor initiation, growth and drug resistance. This subgroup of tumor cells has self-renewal capacity and could differentiate into heterogeneous tumor cell populations through asymmetric proliferation. The idea of CSC(More)
We report an experimental and theoretical study of two most critical yet still to-be-answered issues in dispensing-based nanoimprint lithography (D-NIL): air bubble formation and absorption, and discuss their impact on NIL yield and throughput. Using real-time observation via video, we found two different mechanisms for air bubble formation (feature pinning(More)