Hua-Qiong Wang

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OBJECTIVE There is a growing realisation that clinical pathways (CPs) are vital for improving the treatment quality of healthcare organisations. However, treatment personalisation is one of the main challenges when implementing CPs, and the inadequate dynamic adaptability restricts the practicality of CPs. The purpose of this study is to improve the(More)
Comprehensive electronic medical records (EMR) have proven to be an effective tool for improving the safety and quality of healthcare. In particular, EMR has resulted in a significant reduction in antibiotic consumption and an improvement in rational antibiotic use. This study focused on evaluating the effectiveness of using a comprehensive EMR system to(More)
OBJECTIVE Clinical pathways (CPs) are widely studied methods to standardize clinical intervention and improve medical quality. However, standard care plans defined in current CPs are too general to execute in a practical healthcare environment. The purpose of this study was to create hospital-specific personalized CPs by explicitly expressing and(More)
The clinical pathway (CP) as a novel medical management schema is beneficial for reducing the length of stay, decreasing heath care costs, standardizing clinical activities, and improving medical quality. However, the practicability of CPs is limited by the complexity and expense of adding the standard functions of electronic CPs to existing electronic(More)
Electronic Clinical Pathways (eCPs) is important and necessary in the digitalized hospital. However, most of the data in eCPs is still isolated. And general methods to implement the data exchange between the eCPs and other medical systems are flawed in different respects. This paper presents a modeling method for the semantic integration of Clinical(More)
Health management systems (HMS) have turned health management center into a network with huge storage so that health records, from different kinds of systems in hospital, can be shared. Based on this, variety of information about patients from different function modules can be inquired for further research. However, there is a lot of potential information(More)
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