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When attending to a tone at a given frequency, listeners are most sensitive to that tone and others within a restricted band of frequencies surrounding it. This region of enhanced sensitivity defines the attention band that was measured in two experiments using a modified version of the probe-signal method of Greenberg and Larkin [J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 44,(More)
  • H Dai
  • 2000
Spectral weighting functions were estimated in a pitch-comparison task to assess the relative influence of individual harmonics on listeners' pitch judgment. The stimuli were quasi-harmonic complex tones composed of the first 12 components, with fundamental frequencies ranging from 100 to 800 Hz. On each stimulus presentation the frequency of each harmonic(More)
This study measures the ability of observers to compare the intensities of two stimuli occupying different frequency regions. It includes three experiments, each experiment having two conditions. In one condition, the two stimuli to be compared were presented simultaneously within each interval; this condition has been called profile analysis. In the other(More)
This paper presents the optimum decision rule for an m-interval oddity task in which m-1 intervals contain the same signal and one is different or odd. The optimum decision rule depends on the degree of correlation among observations. The present approach unifies the different strategies that occur with "roved" or "fixed" experiments (Macmillan & Creelman,(More)
Three listeners matched the pitch of a simple tone to that of narrow-band complex signals having different phases. The pitch matches were independent of the phases; the frequency of the simple tone approximately equaled the center of gravity of the power spectrum of each complex signal. This result is inconsistent with a model that calculates the pitch of a(More)
Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) lacks effective treatment. Pirfenidone has been used to treat IPF patients. N-acetylcysteine (NAC) exerts antioxidant and antifibrotic effects on IPF cases.This study is a double-blind, modified placebo-controlled, randomized phase II trial of pirfenidone in Chinese IPF patients. We randomly assigned the enrolled Chinese(More)
In this paper we derive the optimum (likelihood-ratio) decision statistic for a same-different paradigm. The likelihood ratio is dependent on the degree of correlation between the two observations on each trial. For the two extreme cases in which the observations are either independent or highly correlated, the optimum decision rule is identical to each of(More)
The detectability of short and long unexpected tones masked by a continuous wideband noise was assessed using a probe-signal method. This method leads the listener to expect a target frequency by presenting the signal most often at that frequency, and only occasionally at other unexpected probe frequencies. The probe-signal contour (percent correct as a(More)
Expectation of signal duration influences the signal detectability. This is demonstrated in two experiments in which percent correct was measured for both tonal and noise signals whose durations were either unexpected or uncertain. In both experiments, the signal at each duration was set to have a d' of about 1.5 when that duration was presented alone and(More)
In this paper, we explore a two-filter model, the simplest version of multi-channel models for frequency discrimination of simple tones. According to this model, frequency discrimination is based on a change in the relative output levels of two auditory filters, one centered below and the other above the frequency of the tone. This idea can explain the(More)