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Gastrodin (GAS), an active constituent of the Chinese herbal medicine tianma, has antidepressant-like activity in animals but no specific molecular mechanisms have been identified. In the present study, chronic unpredictable stress (CUS) was used to establish a rat depression model; The sucrose preference test, forced swim test and Morris water maze test(More)
Gastrodin (GAS), a main constituent of a Chinese herbal medicine Tian ma, has been shown to be effective in treating various mood disorders. The purpose of the present study was to assess the effects of GAS on alleviating depressive-like behaviors in a rat model of chronic unpredictable stress (CUS) and regulating the expression of BDNF in the hippocampus(More)
Free and Easy Wanderer Plus (FEWP) is a well-known traditional Chinese medicine that has been shown to be effective in treating various mood disorders. The purpose of the present study was to determine whether FEWP could ameliorate stress-associated behavior in rats. Following the exposure to enhanced single prolonged stress (ESPS) paradigm, consisting of(More)
On July 29, 2007, a severe coalmine-flooded disaster occurred in central China and 69 miners were trapped in an about 1400 m underground coal pit. Fortunately, all of them were rescued after 75 h of the ordeal. At 3 and 6 months after the disaster, psychopathological profiles, plasma levels of cortisol and adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) were evaluated(More)
High-sustained positive acceleration (+Gz) exposures might lead to impairment in cognitive function. Our previous studies have shown that electroacupuncture (EA) pretreatment can attenuate transient focal cerebral ischemic injury in the rats. In this study we aimed to investigate whether EA pretreatment could ameliorate the impairment of learning and memory(More)
Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) to treat depression has been thoroughly investigated in recent years. However, the underlying mechanisms are not fully understood. In this study, a chronic unpredictable mild stress (CUMS) paradigm was applied to male Sprague Dawley rats. Then rTMS was performed for 7 consecutive days, and the(More)
We investigated the antidepressant effects of bilateral intra-the ventrolateral orbital cortex (VLO) administration of sanguinarine (SA), a selective mitogen-activated protein kinase phosphatase-1 (Mkp-1) inhibitor, in rats that had been subjected to a forced swimming test (FST) which is a classic animal model of depression. The expression of Mkp-1 and(More)
The present study examined the protective effect of hyperbaric oxygen preconditioning (HBO-PC) and the role of thioredoxin reductase (TrxR) in a post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)-induced rat model by using single prolonged stress (SPS). Rats were randomly divided into Sham, HBO, SPS and HBO+SPS groups. HBO-PC was conducted by exposing rats to 100%(More)
Depressed patients with increased inflammatory cytokines in peripheral blood have been reported to be more likely to exhibit treatment resistance. However, it is unknown whether the inflammation influences the action of antidepressant drugs. Here, we investigated the influence of lipopolysaccharide (LPS) on the antidepressant action of fluoxetine in(More)
Sertraline is one of the most commonly used antidepressants in clinic. Although it is well accepted that sertraline exerts its action through inhibition of the reuptake of serotonin at presynaptic site in the brain, its effect on the neural stem cells (NSCs) has not been well elucidated. In this study, we utilized NSCs separated from the hippocampus of(More)